Wall decorations are often the most noticeable elements in any interior home design because the walls often take up the majority of space in the room. This is especially true if the room is decorated in a minimalist or contemporary style because the walls immediately draw the eye to them and the items displayed there make a major contribution to the room's ambiance. In most homes, the walls play an integral role in enhancing the furnishings and surrounding décor elements by either blending into the background in neutral colors or becoming focal points with bold colors and interesting designs. Most consumers think of paintings, photographs, wall sconces and other similar items when wondering how to decorate a wall but framed moths offer unique and colorful options that are great conversation pieces and will fit it beautifully with most modern furnishings. 

A framed moth is exactly what it sounds like and features an actual moth artfully preserved on a piece of matte board and placed in a decorative frame. While some of these pieces of natural art are mounted in glass frames, others do not have a glass cover and are subject to deterioration after prolonged exposure air and light. Consumers have endless options for different species and sizes of moths mounted in a wide variety of frames and many decorators will use this type of artwork to add color and visual interest to a hallway or large, open spaces.

Homeowners can decide how and where they would like to place the framed moths on their walls to best enhance the rest of the home's décor. Contemporary designs are well suited for using these decorations on any of the walls because the framed moths become focal points for the eye among the negative space in the room. They may also suit a more elaborate setting if the homeowner choses the placement wisely allowing the wall decor to add to the room in a visually appealing way.X