How to Put Together a Framed Butterfly Display

Butterflies come in a number of shapes, sizes and colors.  Many people consider them to be beautiful due to their attractive wings and they way they fly.  Fans of butterflies may want to find a way to honor these creatures in their home.  There is one great way to do this - put up a framed butterfly display.

Framed Butterflies:  How to Set Up a Butterfly Display

Consumers will find that buying a completed display is possible.  However, this is a very expensive option.  Butterfly fans can save money by setting up their own display.

The first step of the process is obtaining butterflies.  While some people choose to catch their own, this is not common practice.  Catching butterflies is far more difficult than ordering them from online companies.

When ordering, consumers need to be aware that the butterflies will not arrive opened.  Buyers will need to relax them, open their wings and dry them out.  This process will take a few days.  People who want to speed up the process should not rush.  If the consumer is not very careful, he or she may damage the wings.

If the butterflies are ready to be framed, buyers will need to purchase a shadow box.  This can be purchased offline or online from butterfly supply and art stores.  Consumers may even be lucky enough to pick one up at a department store.

Next, a piece of foam board will need to be laid in the shadow box.  After this is down, the butterflies can be pinned down on the foam board.

Having a framed display is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of butterflies every day.  Although the process of putting together a framed display may be time-consuming it is well worth the effort.  The display will be enjoyed by the residents of the home and by anyone who comes to visit.X

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