Beetles have many species and yes they are gorgeous. For those who love nature having them framed is an easy way of having a wide variety in their collection. Due to their aesthetic value they can be sold for as much as 500 dollars depending on the species. Framed beetles have shell like exteriors are colourful and this is what makes them attractive to most buyers. They are suitable to be given as presents to those who love nature.

Beetles belong to the coleoptera order which has more than 400,000 species all over the world. This makes them the largest order in the animal gun. Their variety is not only found in their colour but also their sizes and shapes. Different varieties can be found in different ecological conditions, environments and food requirements. For their aesthetic beauty they are framed then covered with glass and then sold. One can preserve them in that condition for long periods of time.

Some beetle's species feed and live on cereals, dried fruit and other plants thus are considered as pests since these habitats are considered important to humans. Some varieties can be very destructive example the boll weevil feeds on cotton buds and they travel at a high speed causing extensive damage. Pesticides are the most common way of getting rid of beetles but they have become tolerant to these pesticides.

Beetles can also be beneficial since some species can control pests. One such variety are the ladybirds. They feed on aphids which destroy plants. Ground beetles on the other hand feed on caterpillars and worms which are also pests. Dung beetles enhance the fertility of the soil buy burying dung into the soil. They facilitate the nutrient cycle and protect the livestock since they make the dung unavailable to breeding pests that could harm the livestock.X