Enjoying Framed Butterfly Art

Framed butterfly art is a great way in which to accentuate your home's décor. There are many ways in which butterflies can be displayed so you can be quite creative in the way in which you choose to display yours.

You'll soon discover that butterflies are actually quite versatile. They have a way of softening up any of your home's rooms. It doesn't matter where you put them, they'll still look good. With all of the different color schemes the various species come in, it's easy to find something to accentuate the décor you already have. For instance, a monarch would look well with Earth tones while a blue morpho would add a nice splash of color to any room that's done in white, pale blue or even gray.

While a single framed butterfly will add some color to your room, there are many attractive wall pieces that contain more than just a single butterfly. Some of these framed pieces have foliage or birds in the background to create a nature scene or they may have more than a single butterfly. Whenever both of these are tied together, you'll have a great way in which to introduce nature into a room's décor.

For those with contemporary décor, you may want to have an abstract oil painting that's been done on several canvases. This is a great way to show how much you love the butterfly while adding some interest to your walls. On the other hand, if you have more traditional décor, a trio of canvases with butterflies resting upon cherry blossoms would look wonderful.

You can choose to hang something more complex on your walls as well. There's also metal art (i.e. brass, steel) that's been shaped into butterflies. Sometimes these are inside of a glass box. This is also true of wire art and sculpted butterflies too.X

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