A great way to accentuate your home's decor is to use Framed Butterfly art. There are many ways to display butterflies, through different forms of media and various configurations. You can get creative in how you choose to display them.

Butterflies are versatile. They can soften any room in the home. They look good in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. With the various color schemes of different species, you can find something to coordinate with a room's existing decor. For example, the monarch will go well with earth tones, deep reds, and browns. The blue morpho is darker toward the body, fading to a lighter shade toward the outer wings. The wing tips are outlined in black, with white dots. This butterfly will add a splash of color to white, pale blue, or gray walls.

A single framed butterfly can add a splash of color. However, framed art should not be limited to a single butterfly if you find something attractive. You can select paintings with foliage in the background and more than one butterfly. Framed Butterfly art often includes birds in the background, creating a nature scene. Paintings that tie the two together can be a great way to introduce nature into a room's decor.

If your decor is contemporary, you may want to consider an oil painting abstract framed on several canvases. This is an excellent way to express your love of the butterfly and add interest to your walls. For a more classic look, you may want to use a trio of framed canvases with butterflies resting on cherry blossoms.

The art you choose to hang on your walls can go beyond simple paintings. You can find metal art in brass or steel, shaped into butterflies. They can be framed behind glass in a box frame. Wire art and sculpted butterflies can be framed in this manner as well.X
June 26, 2014 by David Ardenti

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