Butterflies: Nature's Masterpieces Displayed

A Framed Butterfly Display is an eye catching accent for any room. Considering the huge variety of species in the world, you can find colors, shapes, and sizes that will suit any decor. A display that you have created will have the advantage of being one of a kind. What's more, already assembled displays can be costly, so you will find a display of your own making will be easier on your wallet.  You can easily create fascinating works of art with butterflies by carefully following some basic guidelines.

Before you can begin your masterpiece, you will need butterflies that fit the image you are trying to create.  The thought of catching your own butterflies may sound like an enjoyable enterprise, but it is far more difficult than expected. Most people order their butterflies, which gives them a wider range of artistic choices than they may have if they rely on the limited variety of local butterflies.

Butterflies that have been ordered do not arrive with their wings already spread. Through a process that requires patience and a delicate touch, you will need to spread the wings to show off their brilliance. It is a time consuming process that should not be rushed. Unnecessary haste can result in an injury to the wings, and you will be forced to abandon the project.

Once the butterflies are prepared and the wings are as you want them, you will need to arrange them in a shadow box.  They are available at art supply stores, or they can occasionally be found in a craft or framing department of a department or variety store.  Many people choose to shop online for their shadow boxes, where they will find a greater range of styles and sizes.

After you have measured a section of foam board and fitted it in to your box, you can pin your butterfly, or butterflies to the board in the position you feel looks best.

Although the process of creating your Framed Butterfly Display requires patience and a gentle touch, it will be worth the effort. Your guests will be sure to notice it, and every time you see it, you will be rewarded with the personal satisfaction that comes from a beautiful job well done.X

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