When it comes to trending butterfly art featured online today, there are images of these colorful insects in all the colors of the rainbow.  In fact, butterflies have long been a popular muse for artists because the butterfly symbolizes life, transformation and freedom.  For instance, the great painter Vincent Van Gogh often painted the butterfly as representing hope and new beginnings.

Framed butterfly art featured online

According to various art histories, butterflies have been inspiring mankind for thousands of years; while some butterfly fossils have been carbon dated to some 30 million years ago.  Because of the butterfly's bright colored wings and mesmerizing fluttering, this class of insects is appreciated for its appearance and ability to help protect various species of plants.  Also, the butterfly larvae in the shape of caterpillars eating plant leaves are said to be vital to supporting various ecosystems.

Butterfly colors in art today

The butterflies with brightly scale covered wings are of interest to artists because "they represent nature's most magnificent colors," say professional artists commenting online.  In turn, a high school biology textbook explains the butterfly's unique colors as being linked to the insect's scales that are pigmented with various blues, greens, reds, browns and various unique iridescent colors that artists try and duplicate in their oil and watercolor creations representing the butterfly.

Home décor features butterflies

There are beautifully framed collections of exotic butterflies from South America and Asia that line many home décor shops.  In addition, the image of the butterfly is one of the "all-time most recognized and used" art subject worldwide because butterflies are found worldwide.  This phenomenon of butterflies that represent ever corner of the planet is not lost on artists who use the image of the butterfly to represent popular art and life themes in bright colors of the rainbow.
September 09, 2014 by David Ardenti

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