Featured in a newspaper!

By David Ardenti
on August 27, 2015

Hi all!
We just got a great newspaper publication which you can see below, we thank PR-Web to publish an article about our products and the ethical work we carry forward. 


We hope you enjoy and thank you for all the support for our work.

Insect Frame UK

Our newly updated website!

By David Ardenti
on August 25, 2015

Hello our fellow customers,

We have recently updated our new website, the link will remain the same. This has been done to furthermore showcase our newly arrived goods, best sellers and weekly deals as per the following links:


Charaxes ameliae black without mount


Solid wood 25x35 brown


Yellow Moth Dysphania militaris Black Frame - White Background,  - Insect Frame UK, Insect Frame UK
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Please do check the 'About us' page to further understand the cause and effect of selling framed insects. None of our insects are endangered species and you can be assured our work is purely dedicated to increase awareness about the ethics of framing insects.

Many thanks,

Insect Frame UK

Decorate Your Home With Priceless Framed Insect Art

By David Ardenti
on September 08, 2014
If you love insects you can preserve their beauty by framing them. The process is intricate since insects are delicate and can get damaged easily. Another challenge is that they get dehydrated and brittle very quickly after they die. Regardless of all these hurdles, perfectly finished pieces of framed insect art form ideal aesthetic pieces that you can hang in your home or office.

Creating Framed Insect Art

The first thing you need to do is find insects that you can preserve for framing. However, this does not mean that you go around killing insects for framing. Look for dead ones in open fields, wooden areas and gardens.

Create a relaxing chamber for the insects. Lay the insects there according to the way you want them to appear on the frame. You can do this by spreading their wings or stretching their legs. Since some of the insects usually get dehydrated after death, forcefully opening their legs or wings can break them. That is why you have to put the insects in the relaxing chamber first.

In the relaxing chamber the insects are re-hydrated. Leave the insects in the chamber for two days. Once they are fully re-hydrated move their appendages as you wish.

Preserve the insects for framing. To do so, cover a 1ft squared piece of Styrofoam and cover it with wax paper. Pick the insects by poking them with a pin on their thorax and pin them on the Styrofoam. Secure the stretched appendages with some wax paper and pins and then leave the insects in that position for at least seven days.

Remove the pins carefully from the appendages after seven days are over. Leave the thorax pins intact and remove the wax paper over the insects. Pin the wings back on the Styrofoam and place it into a picture frame. You can then hang the complete framed insect art on your place of choosing.

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