Featured in a newspaper!

By David Ardenti
on August 27, 2015

Hi all!
We just got a great newspaper publication which you can see below, we thank PR-Web to publish an article about our products and the ethical work we carry forward. 


We hope you enjoy and thank you for all the support for our work.

Insect Frame UK

Our newly updated website!

By David Ardenti
on August 25, 2015

Hello our fellow customers,

We have recently updated our new website, the link will remain the same. This has been done to furthermore showcase our newly arrived goods, best sellers and weekly deals as per the following links:


Charaxes ameliae black without mount


Solid wood 25x35 brown


Yellow Moth Dysphania militaris Black Frame - White Background,  - Insect Frame UK, Insect Frame UK
 - 2

Please do check the 'About us' page to further understand the cause and effect of selling framed insects. None of our insects are endangered species and you can be assured our work is purely dedicated to increase awareness about the ethics of framing insects.

Many thanks,

Insect Frame UK

Purchase Framed Butterflies if You Appreciate Nature

By David Ardenti
on May 19, 2014

If you love nature, you are going to really enjoy framed butterflies. You might have some questions if you never have purchased such an item before. You can rest assured that there are no endangered species of butterflies that are used for this purpose. Butterflies are only used after they are already dead. If you want to be certain of this fact, then you should go through a reputable seller.

Framed butterflies are a great choice if you are searching for a decorative item that is unique and special. You can buy this as a gift for a loved one. It will be easy to find this type of product from an online shop that specializes in these items. You will not be required to assemble them, because they will be ready to hang as soon as they come out of the box. These colorful butterflies that are preserved in clear glass and then put in a wooden frame are amazing to watch. It makes for an interesting conversation starter when a visitor comes by your home.

It is crucial that you understand that other types of insects are preserved in this form. You may only be looking for framed butterflies. If this is the case, then you should ask a seller some specific questions first before you buy anything.

Anyone who lives in a city will have a way to connect to nature by hanging a beautiful framed butterfly or other insect on the wall. Even if you do live somewhere there are a great deal of butterflies, you will not see all types of butterflies. Sellers will find species that are in a variety of regions. This way, you will be able to get a mounted frame with butterflies that are sourced from all different areas.

People who sell framed butterflies will make certain that their collecting and preserving techniques are ethical, and that is complies with the governmental regulations and rules. Purchase one of these today, and you can increase the aesthetics of your room. You also might buy one to take an occasional look during your leisure time.

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