Create Your Own Frame - Bespoke Framing

Are you looking for a Unique Frame that would entice your living room?

You can easily create your own frame by following the below links that would help with your new purchase with a few examples from our customers:


1- Check out our page about frames to discover the various options we have on offer:

About our Frames

2- Check out the various insects we have in-store, please note that if you have an insect you require and we do not have available, please let us know and we will try our very best to acquire it.

Insect Frames

3- Once you have decided, contact us below and via email: or via the live chat.

Contact us

We Thank you for visiting and we wish you a wonderful day!

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About Us

Insect Frame UK is a London based business since 2012. Ethics and Regulations: Buying Insects and Butterflies from us are raised on farms from...

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