Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Why are your Solid wood frames more expensive than fiberboard?  

A- Our Solid wood frames are handmade to match the diversity of our Customer’s interior decorations.

Q – How are your Frames produced, can the Insects fade over time?

A- All of our handmade museum displays are made with 99% UV blocking glass so the vibrant colors of your butterflies and insects will remain that way forever! All of our displays are built with This exceptional conservation quality glass that actually blocks 99% of all UV rays preventing the fading of your valuable insects. 

Q – Do you hurt the butterflies or destroy their habitat by selling them?

A- All of our specimens are legally collected under the most stringent government regulations, after their short life span has ended. The tremendous amount of paperwork and licenses required to legally collecting, export and then import these specimens into the UK assure that none are endangered species.  Farmers cultivate larval and adult feeding plants avoiding any type of pesticides — even organic ones — as toxic beneficial organisms. Insects like butterflies and insect like bees are pollinators so extremely beneficial to local nature. Consequently the environment is kept unaltered where these types of activities flourish. Check our Ethics page for more information

Q – What I want a refund/return the item?

A – We have a 14 days refund policy, no questions asked! We also offer to exchange the item if you wish to do so. 

 Q – Payments?

A – We accept Paypal as our primary payment method as that not only protects the buyer but also the seller which millions of online shoppers use in the worldwide-web. For larger orders, we do recommend however to pay via Bank Transfer to get a further discount.

Q – Are your products legitimate?

A – You are protected by Paypal as well as an online chat facility to contact us with any questions or queries you may have. We also have a growing community on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.


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