Giant Drumstick Baboon Tarantula

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Giant Drumstick Baboon Tarantula or Pelinobius muticus (Citharischius carwshayi) of the Theraphosidae  family 
The king baboon spider (Pelinobius muticus) is popular among tarantula collectors but is highly aggressive and not suitable for beginners. They also have very strong venom (although none of the tarantulas is known to have a bite that is deadly to humans); a bite from a baby (1 cm body length) of this species caused sharp pain and the place of the bite remained itchy for five days. This Giant Drumstick Baboon Tarantula is stunning.
  • Origins: East Africa
  • Quality: A2/A2
  • Body length :  80mm 
  • Handmade Frames options:
  • Dimensions 25x35cm
  • Colours: Dark Brown in hand made Solid wood and Museum Conservation glass)
  • Our Solid wood displays are double Sealed for added protection museum quality:  Light reflection 8% Light transmission 89% Blockage UV 97%
  • Latin names and origins is found in the description that come with the product.

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