Harlequin Beetle, Pair

Harlequin Beetle - Acrocinus longimanus of Cerambycidae family
It is a large tropical longhorned beetle native to the South America. The name of  harlequin comes from his colored and elaborate pattern; it feeds on sap and his Latin name (longimanus) refers to to the extremely long forelegs (manus) of the males, which are usually longer than the beetle’s entire body. Adult Acrocinus longimanus are very large insects with bodies that can measure nearly 76 mm (3 inches) in length. 
  • Quality: A1
  • Wingspan: 55mm 
  • Dimensions: 25x25x5cm or 25x35x5cm
  • Colours: Black or White
  • Our Solid wood displays are double Sealed for added protection museum quality:  Light reflection 8% Light transmission 89% Blockage UV 97%
  • Latin names and origins is found in the description that come with the product.

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