Insects and Beetles from Asia

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Insects and Beetles from Asia Collection realized with the selection of 11 different types of insects and beetles
  • Sourced from South East Asia: Indonesia, Sumatra,Thailand,  Philippines
  • Specimen included:
  • R0104 Chrysochroa fulminans
  • R0102 Belionota fallaciosa
  • R0113 Lamprima adolphinae
  • R0125 Thaumastopeus nigritus
  • R0108 Dorysthenes walkeri
  • R0118 Odontolabis lacordairei
  • R0107 Dorcus parryi
  • R0105 Chrysochroa buqueti rugicollis 
  • R0117 Metapocyrtus species
  • R0122 Sternocera aequisignata
  • R0241 Polydictia basalis
  •  Handmade Frames options:
  • Dimensions: 26x39cm
  • Colours: Dark Brown
Some of the items may not be available at the time of order. (In such circumstances we will contact you and propose an alternative)