Iridescent Flower Beetle

Presenting one of the world's most beautiful beetles, the Green Iridescent Flower Beetle. A beautiful and unique example mounted with a border in a hand made box display frame.
  • Specimen Included: Real Green Iridescent Flower Beetle at A1/A1- Quality
  • Specimen Length: 30-50mm
  • Frame Size: 250 x 250 x 45mm, fitted with a wall mount.
  • Frame Colour: Black, White, Solid Oak or Solid Beech. Our wooden frames have been exclusively designed for Insect Frame UK by Shades of Japan.
  • Frame Background: Our frames come with two options - a basic frame or a professionally lined frame. Our basic frames include a white background which the specimens are glued to, and therefore are not removable. Our professionally lined frames include a dense white foam which allows for easy movement of specimens should it be necessary.