Sangaris Grand Collection

This Sangaris Collection contains 14 Central African Butterflies. All specimens are indexed with the necessary information and offer it as something to cherish and pass on to future generations. A beautiful and unique collection mounted in a hand made box display frame.
Specimens Included: 14 Indonesian butterflies at A1/A1- Quality
R0154 Charaxes protoclea
R0140 Charaxes brutus
R0006 Charaxes tiridates
R0155 Graphium leonidas
R0025 Papilio phorcas
R0249 Charaxes laodice
R0295 Palla decius
R0008 Cymothoe sangaris
R0137 Protogoniomorpha salamis parhassus
R0134 Graphium policenes
R0254 Papilio demodocus
R0005 Charaxes cynthia
R0248 Charaxes etesipe
R0007 Charaxes zingha
Frame Size: 520x390x60mm 
Frame Colour: Professional entomological display case made in walnut or pine wood.
Some of the items may not be available at the time of order. (In such circumstances we will contact you and propose an alternative)

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