South-East Asia Collections

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Presenting you with a unique South East Asian Insects Collection
  • Specimens Included: 
  • Tail scorpion (Buthoidea)
  • Pyros viridirostris (Fulgoridae) 
  • Rutelinae (Scarabaeidae)
  • Hemisphera SSP.
  • Origins: Pakistan, Thailand, China, Indonesia
  • Quality: A1/A1
  • Lengths: 25~100mm
  • Handmade Frames options:
  • Dimensions: 210x300x5cm
  • Colours: White, Black or Dark Wood
  • Our Solid wood displays are double Sealed for added protection museum quality:  Light reflection 8% Light transmission 89% Blockage UV 97%
  • Latin names and origins is found in the description that come with the product.
Other frame sizes or colours available on demand.